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How It Works

Our most common question: how do we get Ginseng from root to an ingestible capsule. Read below and we’ll run you through our process, and afterward delve into the health benefits you’ll receive.

What Can Ginseng Do For You?
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Natural Energy

Ginseng has an age-old reputation for being a natural energy booster.

Researchers have found that Ginseng helps combat fatigue. Patients reported less fatigue and more energy during the duration of the study, as compared to their placebo counterparts who reported the same if not nearly the same amount of fatigue and energy. Ginseng will stimulate physical and mental activity thus giving you a feeling of added energy.

This is the oldest and most sought after benefit of Ginseng. It can be used for a quick burst of energy but it is most often recommended to take as a daily suplement to garnish the full effects.


Enhance Mental Ability

Aid your brain cells by improving your attention and thinking skills.

Studies show that ginseng has the capability to enhance cognitive performance. Recent research has demonstrated that single doses of ginseng most notably induce cognitive benefits in terms of improved memory.

Ginseng has also been shown to improve the ability to complete detail-oriented editing tasks and abstract thinking ability. During scientific studies Ginseng also produced improvement in numerous measures of mental function including memory, attention, concentration, and ability to cope. To say it in fewer words, Ginseng is good for your brain!

Decrease Anxiety

Ginseng helps aleviate or remove mood swings, fatigue, and anxiety.

Ginseng helps enhance energy, alertness, and mental clarity while alleviating or removing mood swings, fatigue, anxiety, and even PMS.

For thousands of years, people have taken ginseng to restore vitality, increase feelings of energy, boost mental and physical performance, enhance resistance to stress, and reduce anxiety. In a recent study, patients taking a ginseng supplement experienced statistically significant improvements in pain, fatigue, sleep, and anxiety.

Relieve Stress

Ginseng is known to reduce the levels of stress and acts as a stimulant. It also regulates metabolism and increases energy levels.

Stress symptoms include low energy, headaches, upset stomach, aches, pains, tense muscles, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, and frequent colds and infections. These are all things that can be caused because stress levels have gotten too high. Ginseng can act as a stimulant for the brain cells and help improve concentration and thinking ability, in doing so ginseng will relieve stress.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Slow signs of aging with a significant source of antioxidants - ginseng.

Ginseng helps slow the signs of aging as it is a significant source of antioxidants which halt the formation of free radicals and another anti-aging substance called maltol.

Antioxidants neutralize harmful free radicals in your body, which can cause several serious or life-threatening diseases and health problems including heart disease, cancer, immune dysfunction, diabetes, and degenerative brain disorders (including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease).

additional benefits

Ginseng has a plethora of additional benefits that improve your every day well-being.

Studies on American Ginseng have found that the ingestion of ginseng may enhance blood glucose control by producing sugar lowering effects in after meal and fasting blood glucose levels. The result was discovered even in average blood glucose levels. Studies show that ginseng may help diabetics to control blood sugar levels as it creates sugar-lowering effects in fasting and after-meal blood sugar levels. Ginseng decreases bad cholesterol levels and hence raise good cholesterol levels.

The benefits of Ginseng are nearly endless.

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